The following are the Policies and Guidelines to this wiki.

Spoiler Policy

  • Do not add content from future episodes, including stuff from promos as they could be misleading.(example: Doctor Who series 8 finale preview show's Clara as a bad person, though that was false)
  • Do not upload screen captures from previews.
  • Do not create character pages for characters that have yet to appear (Character pages for main characters are allowed early on just to make things easier for when the show airs)

Image Policy

  • Pngs are the preferred file format as pngs give the full quality of the photo.
  • Screen captures are required to be at least 720p in resolution and must not be cropped.
  • Images are to be sourced and licensed properly.
  • Images are to be named properly
    • Do not name images such as 8842fh2f2.png
    • For User pages, images are to be named <insert name here>-1.png and with a different number of course if you upload another.
  • GIF's are only allowed on user spaces.
  • Avoid adding fan art on articles.


  • There are to be no insults towards any other user, no matter what. Any sort of action will result in 3 week ban.


  • Any vandal acts of vandal will result in a 5 week ban. The second offense will result in a 1 year.


  • There are to be no quote sections, only the quote used at the top of the article.
  • The quote can either be said by the character or by another, as long as it describes the character perfectly.
  • Use whole quotes, not excerpts.

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