Catherine Turner
Catherine Turner
Status Alive
Occupation Stripper
Family Charles Turner
Actor Tiffany Hines

Catherine Turner, also known as Cassandra Lastrange is a stripper and sister of Charles Turner.


Catherine Turner, under the name Cassandra, had a visit from Everett Backstrom and Nicole Gravely at a strip club. They questioned her about Toby but Catherine revealed Toby was beautiful inside and out. After the two detectives leave, they learn from Nadia Paquet that Cassandra's real name is Catherine Turner, the sister of Charles Turner, the campus security guard. Late, Backstrom questioned her once again and Catherine claimed she gave Toby the gun to protect him. After claiming she had no idea the revolver was broken, Backstrom questioned how she knew about the sabotaged gun, not mentioning it himself. Gravely then arrested her for blackmail.[1]


Season 1Edit


  1. "Dragon Slayer"

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