Eugene Visser
Eugene Visser
Status Deceased
Occupation Bar owner
Actor Evan Jones

Eugene Visser was a bar owner in Hawthorne and Tobias Percival III's killer.


Visser had a visit from Everett Backstrom and Nicole Gravely on the murder of Toby Percivall III. He offered Backstrom a drink infused with egg, claiming it to be a healthy concoction. He then charged Backstrom eight bucks but Backstrom had no money. Eventually Backstrom took another drink, provoking Visser, though Gravely broke his finger. Visser then told Gravely he was calling his lawyer. A few days later after Charles Turner confessed how he saw Visser jammed heroin into Toby's face after the latter pulled a gun. They returned to the bar and a brief shootout ensued. Visser escaped and ran into Backstrom, causing the latter to shoot himself in the arm. After going for his gun which he dropped, Backstrom shot and killed Visser.[1]


Season 1Edit


  1. "Dragon Slayer"

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