FOX Network

The FOX Broadcasting Company is an American television channel and the home channel to Backstrom. The rights for the series were originally owned by CBS, though they axed the pilot where FOX picked the series up.

Air datesEdit

Season 1Edit

Time Episode NO. Episode name Original airdate
9pm 1 "Dragon Slayer" January 22, 2015
9pm 2 "Bella" January 29, 2015
9pm 3 "Takes One to Know One" February 5, 2015
9pm 4 "I Am a Bird Now" February 12, 2015
9pm 5 "Bogeyman" February 19, 2015
9pm 6 "Ancient, Chinese, Secret" February 26, 2015
9pm 7 "Enemy of my Enemies" March 5, 2015
9pm 8 "The Inescapable Truth" March 12, 2015
9pm 9 "Give 'Til It Hurts" March 19, 2015
9pm 10 "Love Is a Rose and You Better Not Pick It" March 26, 2015
9pm 11 "I Like to Watch"

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