Frank Moto
Frank Moto
Status Alive
Occupation Police Officer at Portland Police Department
Family Unnamed Son
Actor Page Kennedy
"You boys got pretty muscles, but I got the kind that cripple my opponents"
—Frank Moto to members of the Portland Fire Department[src]

Sergeant Frank Moto is a Police Officer with the Portland Police Department


Early lifeEdit

Before becoming a Sergeant within the Portland Police Department, Frank Moto was a mixed martial artist.

Working with the PPDEdit

Officer Moto alerted Detective Backstrom that his presence was needed as a dead body had been found at Beech College during his physical with Dr. Deb Chaman. While arriving at the crime scene, Moto gave Backstrom the entire rundown of the case, telling him that the dead body found was Tobias Percival III, the son of senator Tobias Percival II. Later, after getting the name of Tobias' ex-girlfriend from Detective Almond, Moto and Backstrom went to interrogate her. While doing so, Backstrom discovered Tobias' stolen laptop in the possession of Allison. While searching through it, Moto found photos of her and another female having relations with one another.

When Moto, Backstrom, Gravely, and Almond went to arrest Eugene Visser, Moto assured Backstrom that he was in his bounds to shoot Visser, believing the latter had attempted to shoot Backstrom, and then attempted to reach for his gun. [1]



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