Jimmy fei
Jinjing 'Jimmy' Fei
Status Alive
Occupation Psychic
Family Unknown
Actor Mark Daugherty

Jinjing 'Jimmy' Fei claimed to have been the killer of Davis Gu, the murder victim in the episode Ancient, Chinese, Secret. In the interrogation room with Backstrom and Gravely, Niedermayer interrupts them to inform that the Chinese Government runs a psychic training programme for gifted children and that Fei is one of those children.

To prove that he was, in fact, a super psychic he hands out fortunes to each member in the S.C.U and what was on the fortunes was highly accurate to their current situations. Then Backstrom finally admits that the S.C.U is "convinced of his mighty psychic powers".

But it turns out that Fei had falsified his confession only to be kept in the US so that the Chinese Government doesn't deport him back to China.

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