John Almond
John Almond
Status Alive
Occupation Detective at Portland Police Department
Family Unnamed Daughter
Actor Dennis Haysbert

Detective John Almond is a police detective on weekdays and a pastor on weekends. Despite being a "burnt out jesus freak", John holds the highest conviction rate in history of his bureau.


John, along with Everett Backstrom, Nicole Gravely, Frank Moto, Peter Niedermayer and the PPD, investigate a recent suicide of the senators son. After Backstrom declared the suicide a homicide, Gravely asked on what evidence. Almond reminded Gravely that unless it's deemed a homicide, they'd have to carry the investigation without the bureau. Almond was then asked to investigate the campus cop, who Backstrom was suspicious of because of his skin. Later, Almond and Backstrom question a baritsa, though they discover he's innocent and Almond then told the kid to go back to college. Almond later apprehended Eugene Visser with the help of Moto and Gravely. Later, Almond and Gravely listened in on a microphone that was secretly hidden as Backstrom had Catherine Turner confess to her felony.[1]


John Almond is rather the opposite of Backstrom. Rather than seeing the darkness in everyone, he see's the light, except when it comes to Backstrom where he see's just the darkness mainly due to his rude and arrogant attitude and persona.[2]



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