Louise finster
Louise 'Lou' Finster
Status Alive
Occupation Dentist
Family Gregory Valentine
Actor Lolita Davidovich

Louise 'Lou' Finster is the mother of Gregory Valentine and a 'good' friend of Everett Backstrom. Backstrom met Louise when she was a prostitute, which was her former profession.

Biography Edit

Louise's former profession was prostitution, in which she now claims is a sexual depravity, it is also how she met Backstrom, Louise is currently working as a dentist seen in the episode "The Inescapable Truth" at Backstrom's aid. Backstrom questions her about himself being the possible father to Valentine, but she refuses to say who it is but confirms that it it not Backstrom. Valentine's father is Blue Backstrom.

Louise is also a Christian and attends church, which Valentine jokes about her becoming a nun.

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