Sam D'Agostino
Sam D'Agostino
Status Alive
Occupation Firefighter
Family Nick D'Agostino
Actor Eddie McClintock

Sam D'Agostino is a firefighter for the Portland Fire Deaprtment and the brother of Nick D'Agostino.


Early lifeEdit

Sam, along with his brother, tormented Everett Backstrom. One day, Sam and Nick bought illegal fireworks and they were ratted by Backstrom to the Sheriff. They then tossed Backstrom off a bridge and even stole Bella from Backstrom.[1]


Years later, Sam and Nick became firefighters. They began taking advantage of fires and stole from homes secretly. They re-encounter Backstrom after a home was set on fire with a family inside. Later, Backstrom had planted a watch on Sam and arrested him to get him to confess. Though to no avail, Lawrence Dabkey confessed he was aware of what Sam and Nick were doing. They later had a visit from Backstrom to notify that they would be going to prison. Sam revealed the location of Bella, hoping Backstrom would call off the charges but would learn he only bluffed.[1]


Season 1Edit


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